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5 Reasons to Visit the Danforth Music Hall For a Concert

5 Reasons to Visit the Danforth Music Hall For a Concert

The Danforth Music Hall was originally constructed in 1919 and was solely used as a theatre until about the 1970s when it started featuring live acts. In 2011 is when it officially became the Danforth Music Hall, here are 5 reasons why it is one of the best music venues in Toronto:


1. Seating

This is one of the best venues in Toronto, in my opinion for being able to see the stage, as the seating area is sloped, so no matter where you are on the floor you are able to see the stage! The venue is an 1100 person capacity, so it can hold a decent amount of people and they even have a seated balcony section.


2. Performances

Since 2011 the Danforth Music Hall has hosted a variety of local and international artists, they’ve ranged from rock to hip hop all the way to stand up comedy. A lot of the artists that perform here manage to sell the venue out, sometimes even minutes after tickets are released to the general public (Alexisonfire or Run The Jewels).


3. Location

Danforth Music Hall is located along Danforth Avenue, right before Broadview Avenue, just outside of Greektown, there are plenty of places along Danforth to grab a bite to eat before or after a show (Especially if you like Greek food). Located right near the Broadview station exit on Line 2, it is a minute walk away. Even better is there is plenty of parking options available, if you decide to drive to the venue.


4. No Long Waits for Drinks

Normally with other venues, you might end up waiting several minutes before even getting the attention of a bartender, but this place has two small bars set up on the floor, as well as a bigger bar in the lobby, so it is pretty easy to get a drink. Even better the drinks are fairly priced for what you would expect at a concert venue. They even offer some snacks in the lobby, incase you want something to hold you over for that greek place after the concert.


5. Acoustics

Since the music hall was originally used as a theatre almost 100 years ago, the acoustics and overall sound of live shows is one of the best in Toronto. Don’t believe me, come to a show here and listen to the acoustics for yourself!


For a list of upcoming events be sure to check out http://www.thedanforth.com/

Let us know in the comments some of your favourite acts you’ve seen at the Danforth Music Hall.