Hello, and welcome to LIVE2U, your one stop spot for everything social. The LIVE2U idea came about from necessity, as all great ideas do. After so many years of travelling to different cities around the world, there was no solution as to how to find out what is the best bar, restaurant, or shopping to go to NOW, no matter what your mood or preference. Discover what we're all about below!

Why we made Live2U

Ask a concierge? What does some 50 year old know about what you’re looking for, never mind what is actually happening at that moment. Ask google? Try it, you’ll soon know very well what the price of a ticket is to the city zoo.


Ask the local bartender/waitress? Usually the best option since they are usually “in the know”. However, they are working, they don’t know if in fact “Jimmy’s” is good on a Tuesday in March, do they? Far to hit and miss, and how annoyed do you get after spending $20 on a taxi to an empty bar. 


We wanted something live, something up to the minute, something telling us what is going on and where, and why we might want to go there, RIGHT NOW. Thank God for social media!!!!







How It Works

LIVE2U provides LIVE up to the second updates from the top bars, restaurants, and shops around the world using the Scribble Live platform. We bring LIVE2U the best social media tools, Twitter and Instagram, to let you know what is happening NOW, at each cities best locations. These live updates are a curation of the top bars, restaurants, shops, bloggers, socialites, event planners, reviewers, journalists, and also extremely important, YOU, the LIVE2U users. You too can share where you are, what you think are the best places, and what you think is great in the city that LIVE2U may not have listed.


The first city selection page provides you Twitter feeds of the best dining, nightlife, or shopping in your chosen city. If you see something that interests you, drill deeper into their own business page, where you can get the company details, their google map, and most useful, their social media pinboard. This “board” of social media brings in all aspects of what is, or has, been happening there. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Videos, Images, Articles, all together in one location, so you can really decide if this place is what you are after.


LIVE2U also provides you a great search function, where you can choose your desired social occasion, be it dining, nightlife, or shopping. Choose from a wide variety of “Scene Types” to narrow down where you might want to choose from. Live music? Great seafood? Shoe shops? LIVE2U let’s you know the cities best, and what is happening there LIVE. We hope that this site provides you the tools, and locations, to make sure you have a great time dining, shopping, or out for some nightlife, in your own home city, or somewhere life may have taken you.