Find answers to some frequently asked questions!

How Are the Businesses Selected?

LIVE2U hopes to provide you with a focused selection of the best bars, restaurants, shops, and events in major cities around the world. Our selections have been a careful curation based on plenty of research and input, and we do not accept payment to be known as one of "The Best", these are our, and your, selections. Our greatest source of recommendations are from people directly involved in the industry, such as bartenders, waiters, hostesses, owners, and patrons. Some people are experts in tech, some are professional athletes, we use professional socialites who know what makes a great place. Whether it is a 5 star hotel, a great taco restaurant, the best live music bar, or some crazy karaoke scene, we believe the people that know best, are the people that spend the most time spending their money in the best places. We also implement our selections by using the advice of industry bloggers, event planners, and social scene journalists. If there is a new opening, we will know, if there is a hot new bar, LIVE2U will know, and so will you. We also provide an open chatroom in each city for people to also share their favourite places, make recommendations, seek advice, and post what you are doing in the moment. If you are doing it already on your own Twitter of Facebook, why not add it into the LIVE2U feed and share the social love. What makes LIVE2U the best it can be, is by all of us sharing what is happening LIVE, with each other.

Why is Live2U better?

LIVE2U is simply the best resource for all the best dining, nightlife, and shopping needs you have. Our selections of the best are unbiased and chosen with a great deal of input, research and first hand experiences. We provide you with options LIVE, so you don't have to rely on strangers reviews on YELP (Assuming it wasn't a paid YELP review....), out dated suggestions by friends that visited 6 months prior, or whatever google might spit out to you. You want to know what is happening NOW, you want to decide for yourself with as much recent information as possible, and you want all that information and social media in 1 location, and there is NO BETTER OPTION THAN LIVE2U for this. We strive to give you the best, so you can experience the best, because hey, who doesn't want the best in life.