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Television Themed Pop-Up Bars

Television Themed Pop-Up Bars

If you’re a fan of classic television shows, then this summer in Toronto will be a dream come true! A television show themed pop-up bar movement is beginning to roll into our wonderful city. If you enjoy reminiscing the good old days, when Seinfeld and Friends were still on air, than you are going to love this!


On July 15, you’ll be able to walk in and experience all that is Monk’s Diner. This is one of TV’s most iconic eateries and it will include both a bar and full kitchen. The bar offerings include Hennigans, Schnapps, beer and a ‘cigarette’, and $100 wine. The full kitchen will serve Kenny Rogers Chicken, calzones, No Soup For You, big salads and muffin tops. Don’t forget to dress up – there’s a $300 prize for the best Seinfeld-themed costume.


On June 24, Toronto will get it’s own Friends inspired Central Perk pop-up shop. You’ll be able to take selfies on the classic orange couch and order coffee from baristas that are all named Gunther – what more could you really want? Prizes will be awarded to the group of Friends that best resemble Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe.

The location has not been announced yet for either of these iconic spots – but we know they will be popular regardless of where they are in downtown Toronto!

With Monk’s Diner running all summer long and Central Perk being a multi day event – you’ll know where the LIVE2UToronto team will be spending all their free time!

What other iconic television locations would you love to see as a pop-up shop in Toronto? Chicago will see a Saved By The Bell themed bar and diner this coming summer and a Breaking Bad themed cocktail RV bar opened several months ago in London, England. We can only hope for a similar ones in Toronto!