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The Everyday Foodie Interview

The Everyday Foodie Interview

Jacky (The Everyday Foodie) is a prominent food blogger in Toronto. He might not have a culinary background but his restaurant reviews are spot on and the photographs on his blog and instagram are drool-worthy.

How did you decide on the name for your blog?

Jacky: Coming up with a name was extremely important to me. A lot of time was spent thinking about how I wanted to come across to people. I’m not really a pro in various aspects of what I do – such as photography and food critiquing. Therefore the name became a way of explaining that I am just like everyone else – I’m the average everyday person that you can relate to and connect with.

What sparked your interest in starting off in food blogging?

J: Well I’ve always loved food in general – discovering new eats and going out to restaurants has always been a passion. As well, I’ve always loved photography and travel – so when I go travelling my camera comes with me everywhere and I enjoy taking pictures. It wasn’t a long jump from having all these passions and bringing them together for food blogging.

What’s the process you go through to set up a photo?

J: It all depends on the environment – it completely different if I’m at a restaurant taking pictures or if I bring food back home. When I’m home I can take my time and have mini photo shoots with the food – I can really dress up the food on my own. When I’m outside it is more about finding natural, good lighting. This is why eating lunch for me is a lot better than eating dinner – there’s much better sunlight. Being a perfectionist, I take a lot of pictures from different angles so that I can make sure that I have the perfect shot that I need. I always do a post edit before I post anything using an app called Snapseed – I live by that app and it takes about 30 seconds to tweak a photo to give it that extra finesse.

What is some of the most exciting things that have happened in your food blogging career, so far?

J: Food blogging has opened up a lot of new opportunities for me to attend different events and meet a lot of new people – things that I never would have dreamed of before. I was able to go to the launch of the new LG G4 smartphone, which is not even related to food but still extremely amazing. I’ve had meetings with people like Graham Elliot from “Master Chef”. Getting to try all of the food at different restaurants has been amazing as well! I also find the food community in Toronto right now is tight knit and extremely supportive – I’ve been able to make a lot of friendships through this community.

What is your favourite restaurant in Toronto?

J: My favourite restaurant is Richmond Station – I say that a lot because it was sort of my first love of Toronto dining. One of the owners, Carl Heinrich, is one of the winners of “Top Chef Canada”. The quality of food there is top notch and delicious – I’ve never had a bad experience there. With that being said though there are so many restaurants in Toronto that I think to be equally as amazing. But if anyone has a chance my go to recommendation to start off your Toronto dining experience would be Richmond Station.

What is one of your favourite meals in Toronto?

J: I really enjoy meals that I don’t expect to like. One of my favourite things to eat now is charcuterie – which is platter of cooked and dry-preserved meats. This was something that I never thought I would enjoy. I went to Parlour Foods in Toronto and they put out an amazing charcuterie board filled with a ton of different meats and it just changed my perception of that food group. It was a meal that was so memorable to me, it completely changed my thoughts on something that I didn’t think I would like.