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Tips for surviving at Festivals this summer!

Tips for surviving at Festivals this summer!

With Summer approaching, music festivals will also be popping up around Toronto. Whether this is your first time attending a music festival or you’re a regular concert-goer, these tips will help you make sure you spend most of your time rocking out. Below is a list of the top 10 tips to help you survive your next trip to a music festival in Toronto.


  1. Check the weather forecast before heading out!

Always check to see the weather forecasts before heading out and dress according to the weather. I have been unfortunate enough to attend a couple of concerts that the weather changed instantly and if I had at least looked at the forecast, I wouldn’t have been as drenched as I was.



Make sure that you are drinking water throughout the day! Keep in mind you will most likely be out in the sun all day, and that not drinking enough water throughout the day will dehydrate you. Some festivals I’ve been to had water refill stations, so make sure to keep an eye out for those, as you could refill your water bottle for free!


  1. Only bring essentials.

Remember that you will most likely be there for the whole day and that the last thing you want to be doing is lugging around a ton of unnecessary things throughout the day, while trying to watch sets from your favourite artists. So make sure that the things you are taking with you, you will absolutely need!


  1. Cash is king!

Majority of the festivals I have gone to will only accept cash for merchandise, food, and drinks. there is also nothing worse than waiting to use an ATM while missing out on one of your favourite bands or not grabbing a t-shirt that you really wanted in your size. So make sure to head to your bank before you head to the festival. Also in my experience attending festivals and concerts, the ATM lines are normally longer than the lines to use the washroom!


  1. Read policies of the festival before fully preparing.

I know with some festivals, like Warped Tour they would allow guests to enter with water bottles, as long as they WERE SEALED! The best way to find out some of this information is to go through the FAQ page of the festival to see what is or isn’t allowed. This will really help with prepping for the festival and to make sure you are only taking the essentials.


  1. Look for places to catch some shade.

Nothing feels worse than being dehydrated and having the sun beat down on you during a hot summer day. So make sure to try and grab some shade during the day, this is a good idea for when there is some downtime between bands, and also a perfect time to grab some food and drinks.


  1. Plan your trip ahead of time!

Always have some sort of plan on how to get to the location of the festival, if that is taking the TTC or carpooling, it always helps to do this a couple of days before and not at the  last minute! Especially if you want to see an opening band, this will help ensure that you are inside the festival and watching the artist, versus still being stuck in traffic and missing out on an artist you really wanted to see.


  1. Try to avoid bringing electronics.

A good rule of thumb here is to avoid bringing anything you wouldn’t want stolen. I know there have been some music festivals that have allowed concert goers to rent out lockers for the day. The downside of this is it can get pretty crowded near the end of the day, when everyone else is also getting ready to leave. Probably best to leave the tablets and laptops at home and just bring your phone.


  1. Plan what bands you want to see ahead of time.

Try to do this when the full schedule for the performances are released, which is normally a couple of days before the festival starts. Also you might have differing views among some of your friends on what they want to see, compared to what you might want to see. If that is the case try to set up a time and place you want to meet up again, that way you don’t lose your friends at the festival.


  1. Have fun!

Last but not least, make sure you enjoy your time there. It is a music festival, full of various bands and artists, some of which are pretty amazing live. Hopefully these tips will help will planning for your next festival.


Have any other tips? Feel free to leave some of your tips in the comments below.