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Toronto’s New Tourism Video

Toronto’s New Tourism Video


This new tourism video shows off Toronto as Canada’s downtown and also references Drake in the tagline “the views are different here”.

One thing is clear from this new tourism video campaign, Toronto is a very diverse city full of almost everything. This ad is geared towards international travelers and will be launching in America first, then making its way overseas.

This video began shooting last Summer and really highlights how open Toronto is about different cultures, communities and immigration. While the video is about a minute in length, it really highlights everything about Toronto and the overall culture that influences our city.

One thing that this video does is truly highlight how diverse and open our city is! It features Toronto’s Pride Parade, multicultural neighborhoods and festivities. Andrew Weir, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Tourism Toronto, says the new campaign taps into the city’s growing “civic swagger.”

Toronto most likely broke the record for tourism in 2016. The campaign is launching at a perfect time, as tourism in Toronto is booming and while the numbers are still being tallied by Tourism Toronto, the city was on track to break the 2015 record of over 14-million overnight visitors in Toronto!

Keep an eye out online this Spring for more of these ads to roll out online and see if they are comparable to this tourism Toronto video ad.

How many Toronto landmarks did you see in the video?

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